Hearing Aids

Hearing instruments are recommended when a hearing test or audiogram reveals hearing loss that typically is not remediated with medical treatment. Receiving sound at a more normal level can keep you connected academically, occupationally, and socially. Our goal in recommending hearing aids is to improve your communication, therefore, improving your quality of life.

To a new wearer, obtaining hearing aids can seem like a daunting task. We, at Boulder Valley Hearing Associates, try to make this endeavor easier by listening to your needs and deciding with you what instruments would best meet your needs. There are many styles, features, and levels of technology that can be explored. After a 45 day trial period we want to be sure that you are communicating better and that you are comfortable with your hearing aid choice.

Styles of hearing aids can generally be divided into two groups: in-the-ear (or custom) and behind-the-ear. A further breakdown of these styles follow:

  • Lyric: 100% invisible extended wear device, worn in the ear canal 24/7 and replaced every 2-4 months
  • IIC: (Invisible in-the-canal) The smallest custom style that sits past the second bend of the ear canal
  • CIC: (Completely in-the-canal) A small custom style that fits entirely within the ear canal
  • ITC: (In the canal) A small custom style that fits in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl
  • ITE: (In the ear) A full shell custom aid that sits flush with the outer ear bowl

  • RITE: (Receiver-in-the-ear) Mini behind-the-ear hearing aids with the speaker portion of the aid in the ear canal
  • BTE: (Behind-the-ear) Behind-the-ear hearing aid with a custom made earmold attached

There is a wide range of technology and features that are available in each of these styles. The cost of hearing aids is determined by the level of digital technology rather than the style of the aid. One of our audiologists will review the hearing aid technology with you to determine that solution that best fits your needs. We have offices in Boulder, Louisville, and Lafayette. Please call us at (303) 443-2772 to schedule an appointment soon, so we can help you move on to better hearing!

How to clean a custom hearing aid

Step by step instructions how to clean a custom hearing. https://my.phonak.com

How to put in rechargeable battery

Oticon Opn™ miniRITE hearing aids are now available with long-lasting rechargeable batteries. Simply charge overnight and they will last you all day long – even if you use direct audio streaming. And if you forget to charge, you can use conventional batteries as a backup. So there’s no risk of suddenly running out of power. Opn’s unique 360 sound experience enables you to hear the sounds and speakers around you, so you can take part in the conversations you like, even in noisy surroundings and by use of less listening effort. Read more: https://www.oticon.global/solutions/accessories/rechargeable-hearing-aids