What is Tinnitus? (Noise in the Ears)

What is Tinnitus?
Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of an environmental stimulus. The sound can be ringing, constant tone, roaring, machine-like or hissing, and the sound might always be present or it may come and go.

What causes Tinnitus?
Tinnitus is typically a symptom of hearing loss. Furthermore, loud noise can cause hearing loss, which in turn causes tinnitus. Tinnitus can also be a symptom of other problems such as blood vessels, neuromuscular tension, or rarely lesions in the brain. Aside from health problems, many different medications can cause tinnitus. The most common medicines that cause tinnitus include aspirin, ibuprofen, naprosyn, antidepressants, among others. There are as many as 50 million Americans afflicted by tinnitus.

What Treatments are Available?
At Boulder Valley Hearing Associates we work to find custom solutions to each patient's specific needs. Our patients receive a research based cutting edge approach to managing the severity of their condition. We work as an interdisciplinary team with otolaryngologists and physician assistants allowing for multidisciplinary treatments and management strategies to optimize therapy for each patient.
Treatment begins with a comprehensive hearing test and tinnitus evaluation at one of our three office locations in Boulder, Louisville, or Lafayette in order to determine the most likely source and nature of tinnitus. From there a custom program is designed to provide the necessary information and counseling.
Although there is no cure for tinnitus, there are several treatments that do provide patients with some relief. Not every treatment works for everyone, so you may need to try several to find the one that helps most.

When Hearing Devices are recommended.
Hearing devices today not only provide better hearing, but have advanced digital technology, providing sound therapy options for tinnitus patients. The cost of hearing devices can vary based on level of technology and will be discussed during the hearing aid consultation.